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2019 Top 10 from China Business Knowledge @ CUHK

Wu, Donghui(吳東輝), Tse, Florence(謝倩雯), Lau, Dora Chi-sun(劉芷申), Hu, Fred Zuliu(胡祖六), Ahlstrom, David(區大衛), Zhang, Meng(張萌), Poon, Larry K.Y.(潘嘉陽), Chew, Seen-Meng(趙善銘)

From the effects of labour union pressure on corporate payouts and how to manage change to marketing to those secretly in love, here are this year’s top 10 most popular articles of research and expert insights by CUHK Business School

By China Business Knowledge @ CUHK 

Corporate Governance

How Labour Power Shapes Corporate Payout Policy

Prof. Wu Donghui, School of Accountancy

When firms face strong labour unions, researchers find managers may cut dividends and conserve cash to regain operating flexibility.


Making Change for Success

Ms. Florence Tse, Department of Management

How to lead change management to become a driving force for growth?


When Diversity Becomes a Problem

Prof. Dora Lau, Department of Management

While diversity encourages creativity, it can form faultlines and divide teams. Study shows the ability to manage such faultlines is vital for organizational success.

Economics and Finance

Will China Be Able to Rise in Peace?

Dr. Fred Hu, Department of Finance

China has made significant strides in closing its innovation gap with the rest of the world, but what challenges lay ahead for a country once labelled as the ‘world’s factory’?

Economics and Finance

How the US-China Trade Dispute Will Move Forward

Prof. David Ahlstrom, Department of Management

Why the United States going from 19th-century violator to champion of intellectual property rights may shed light on how the trade dispute with China will move forward.

Consumer Behaviour

Should We Trust Online Reviews?

Prof. Michael Zhang, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

Study finds contributors to online reviews tend to be influenced by friends when giving ratings.

Consumer Behaviour

Crush on You

Prof. Zhang Meng, Department of Marketing

They say love is merely a madness, but who knew unrequited love can drive people to listen to loud music and eat strongly flavoured foods?

Innovation & Technology

Understanding in the Chinese Luxury Market: What Do Rich People Want?

Larry Poon, Department of Marketing

Why marketers must pay close attention to the different lifestyle and customs in different parts of the country and design their market segments accordingly to succeed in China.

Economics and Finance

Securities Token Offerings: The Next Big Thing?

Prof. Chew Seen Meng, Department of Finance

Expert shares insights on whether Securities Token Offerings will be the next trend in cryptocurrency community.

Economics and Finance

Business Groups are Driving Economic Growth in Emerging Economies

Prof. Daphne Yiu, Department of Management

Research finds that business groups, known by different names around the world, from qiye jituan in China, chaebol in Korea and grupo economicos in Latin America, are fast becoming a force to reckon with in emerging economies.

Wu, Donghui(吳東輝)

Director, Centre for Institutions and Governance
Director, Executive Master of Professional Accountancy Programme

Tse, Florence(謝倩雯)

Adjunct Associate Professor

Lau, Dora Chi-sun(劉芷申)

Associate Professor (Teaching)
Director, MSc in Management Programme
Associate Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Hu, Fred Zuliu(胡祖六)

Adjunct Professor

Ahlstrom, David(區大衛)


Zhang, Meng(張萌)

Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Poon, Larry K.Y.(潘嘉陽)

Adjunct Associate Professor

Chew, Seen-Meng(趙善銘)

Associate Professor of Practice in Finance
Associate Dean (External Engagement)

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