China Business Knowledge @ CUHK Luncheon Series: How CSR Changes Our Behavior and Society

How CSR Changes Our Behavior and Society

By China Business Knowledge @ CUHK

As responsible citizens, we all want to do good for the society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an important trend in the business world nowadays with the implementation of ESG or sustainable investing. Will CSR change the investment environment and the behavior of investors?

In this luncheon talk, Prof. Cao Jie will present his recent research on whether and how the growing trend of CSR affects institutions’ investment decisions and how investors evaluate the performance of asset managers in both financial and social benchmarks. He will also share his insights on how companies and investors in China are responding to the global trend of CSR.

Is your company’s CSR initiative a part of the solution to the community? How do you lead the company to bring changes to society? Ms. Diana Tsui will take us through the long journey in building sustainable and impactful CSR initiatives by connecting the dots, leveraging resources and aligning with economic development and government policy.

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