China Business Knowledge @ CUHK Luncheon Series: The Future Destination for Entrepreneurs-Hong Kong x Shenzhen

According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2016, Hong Kong and Shenzhen are the top two entrepreneurial eco-systems among 66 economies in the study. What are the characteristics of their ventures and the kinds of support they receive? How can they leverage on each other’s strengths to build a sustainable future for entrepreneurs in both cities? Based on the findings in his study, Prof. Kevin Au shares with us why Hong Kong, while sitting right next to the financial center of China, need not become the next Silicon Valley but should make a crossover of technology entrepreneurship and metropolis entrepreneurship to build the ultimate destination for entrepreneurs.

Ms. Crystal Hung takes us through her personal journey from being a spa consultant for international hotel brands in China to becoming an entrepreneur and building her own brand ‘Chocolat-ier’ and setting up ‘Spa Formula Ltd.’ specializing in sweet private labeling and licensed snacks distribution.

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