China Business Knowledge @ CUHK Luncheon Series: The Impact of Technology on Consumers

Today, new technology has provided with much convenience in our daily lives and different ways to express our preferences or opinions. For example, we can order our food online and share our favorite brands with friends by sending texts or voice messages.

How does the use of different interfaces influence the way consumers think about a product? Will touch screens make consumers more likely to choose a certain kind of food? Will sharing comments about a brand through voice recording rather than typing makes us more connected to the brand? What technology have on us, and marketers today? Based on his research, Prof. Shen Hao will discuss how the use of different interfaces may influence the way consumers think about and react to a product.

On the other hand, how should industries respond to the ever-changing technological developments? What factors should a company take into consideration when going digital? Mr. Adrian Tam will share about how Octopus has transformed its business in the digital era in light of the needs of Hong Kong consumers, and how the company has made customers and merchants its top priority while implementing innovative changes in the business.

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