China Business Knowledge @ CUHK Luncheon Series: Why Team Diversity Matters and How to Manage It

Why Team Diversity Matters and How to Manage It

By China Business Knowledge @ CUHK

Employees are different in many ways, including gender, age, functional background, personality, and so on and diversity is inevitable at work. Previous research, mainly based on the West, has told us that the more diverse a team, the more creative a company will be. However, diversity is perceived differently between East and West. What does diversity mean to Chinese companies? How could leaders manage diversity and bring out the best from diverse teams? Supported by her research, Professor Dora Lau of CUHK Business School will share her insights on the modern definition of diversity and how it relates to team performance and success of a company.

How do you motivate and manage the young generation of post-80s and post-90s who makes up ninety percent of your employee population? How do you empower your staff of different age groups, whether from mainland or Hong Kong, to work together to achieve the best performance? Mr. Alan Yip, Chairman and CEO of Guru Online, will share with us how he does it and how diversity drives better results in his company.

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