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China Business Knowledge @ CUHK’s Top 10 Articles in 2023

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Top 10 articles

The business landscape has undergone a transformative shift in 2023. Life has returned to normal but the lasting effects of the pandemic on global supply chains and consumer behaviour cannot be ignored, making sustainable investing and green consumerism gain importance.

To light up the way ahead for business leaders and entrepreneurs, we have compiled this year’s 10 most popular articles, showcasing our cutting-edge research and expert insights.

#1 Managing Supply Chains in the Post-pandemic New Normal

Prof. Wu Jing, Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology

The global economy has faced a series of extreme shocks in recent years. As a result, a restructuring of global supply chains has been taking place. How should firms adapt to maximise returns, minimise risk and improve resilience? This white paper provides insights to guide businesses through the intricacies that have characterised global markets today.

#2 Retail Marketing in the Digital Era

Prof. Shen Hao, Department of Marketing

The arrival of the digital age and the global pandemic have done much to change consumer behaviour. As the world is increasingly driven by technology, brands need to adjust their strategies to take advantage of changing habits to thrive. To succeed, companies and marketing professionals need to take various measures.

#3 A Handbook for the Modern Entrepreneur

Prof. Kevin Au, Prof. Hong Ying-yi, Prof. Williow Wu, Department of Management

Being an entrepreneur is a fantastic yet challenging choice, especially during a time of great uncertainty with new inventions and drastic societal transformations that change the way of doing business. This white paper looks into how can entrepreneurs keep their start-ups afloat and what companies need to do during the shifting landscape.

#4 How Investors Rewarded Diversification during the Pandemic

Prof. Desmond Tsang, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

Given the massive economic impact of the global health crisis, much effort has been focused on whether and how some companies were better able to weather the uncertainty, while others fell by the wayside. The study finds that companies with more geographically diverse operations outperformed during the peak of the outbreak.

#5 How Does Air Pollution Affect Online Consumption?

Prof. Yang Yang, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

Air pollution not only poses threats to the public threats but also has implications for the economy. How does air pollution affect online consumption? Will the effects persist over time? A new research quantifies the causal link between air pollution and online consumption, as well as identifies the underlying mechanisms.

#6 Unlocking the Secrets of the U.S. Interest Rate: How to Forecast Like a Pro

Dr. Andrew Yuen, Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology

Being the world’s largest economy with the most commonly held reserve currency, interest rate fluctuations in the U.S. have immediate effects on the global markets. Staying ahead of the game by predicting the moves of its central bank is crucial to gaining valuable insights for wise investment choices.

#7 The Unstoppable Rise of Sustainable Investing

Prof. Darwin Choi, Prof. Gao Zhenyu, Prof. Jiang Wenxi, Prof. Jo Chanik, Department of Finance

Embracing the challenge of climate change demands a bold commitment from both businesses and governments. As the urgency of climate change grows, we delve into the minds of institutional and retail investors, exploring how they perceive the risks and opportunities linked to climate change, and how they plan to respond.

#8 The Secrets to Being a Successful Intrapreneur

Dr. Joyce Iun, Department of Management

While creating a successful business venture may bring fame and fortune, not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t be an intrapreneur who develops new and innovative ideas within a company. Having an entrepreneurial spirit can help people from all walks of life achieve self-improvement.

#9 When Diversity Becomes a Problem in Start-ups

Prof. Dora Lau, Department of Management

In the modern business landscape, diversity is hailed almost as a universal good, so much so that organisations of almost every stripe and colour tout their diversity credentials. However, a recent study finds that when faultlines form among a team of diverse entrepreneurs, it can significantly hurt performance.

#10 Putting Healthy, Low-emission Food on the Menu

Prof. Francisco Cisternas, Department of Marketing

A new study finds that “green consumerism” is alive and well in China, with consumers willing to pay more for sustainable food. These consumers are highly concerned about the impact of their food consumption on the environment, rather than simply considering personal benefits such as food safety.