China Business Knowledge@CUHK’s Top 10 Articles in 2020

Chan, Kalok(陳家樂), Wu, Jing(吳靖), Sivan, Yesha Y.(习移山), Wan, Lisa C.(尹振英), Choi, Sungwoo(崔成宇), Li, Wendong(李文東), Li, Jingyu (Sissi)(李晶钰), Noordzy, Gert

From COVID-19 to Trump, the business world has rocked by events that have transpired in 2020. Here are this year’s 10 most popular articles, featuring our cutting edge research and expert insights that have helped business and thought leaders make sense and find their bearings in the new normal.

By China Business Knowledge@CUHK 

#1 Could COVID-19 Be Turning Point for ESG in China?

Prof. Kalok Chan, Department of Finance

Few would argue that China, despite its many economic achievements, is a posterboy for good ESG performance, but new research study hopefully adds further motivation for firms in the country to speed up their adoption of sustainable practices.

#2 Why Pulling Supply Chains Out of China is the Wrong Answer

Prof. Jing Wu, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

Since taking office four years ago, U.S. President Donald Trump has been on the forefront in a global effort to move #supplychains out of China. However, recent research finds that cutting ties with China might not help firms mitigate risks.

#3 Using Digital Technology to Navigate the 3 New Normals

Prof. Yesha Sivan, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

Learn ways to fully harness the power of #digitaltechnology to defend against threats while taking advantage of opportunities in the wake of COVID-19. Digital leaders must steer their organisations to master changes brought about by the pandemic.

#4 COVID-19 and the Future of Chinese Manufacturing

Prof. Jing Wu, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

The pandemic has called into question the future of China’s role as the world’s factory, but supply chain expert says the country is expected to maintain its edge in manufacturing while accelerating its economic upgrade.

#5 Can Robots Save the Service Industry from COVID-19?

Prof. Lisa Wan, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

*beep* *boop* *bop* “Can I take your order today, sir?” says a robot. Would you go to a #restaurant or a hotel run by robots, and can artificial intelligence save the service industry from COVID-19?

#6 Proactive Employees: Bane or Boon?

Prof. Wendong Li, Department of Management

Having dedicated, enthusiastic and proactive employees can be a boon. But research shows these traits can just as easily produce envy and hostility among coworkers.

#7 How Should a Robot Talk to a Customer?

Prof. Sungwoo Choi, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

Robots are increasingly turning up in frontline roles in the service industry, but should they “talk” to customers in the same manner as their human counterparts? New research reveals consumers prefer straightforward and clear direction in service encounters.

#8 The Boon and Bane of Star Employees

Prof. Jingyu Li, Department of Managment

How do you manage star employees? Latest research finds they can both boost or hinder team performance, depending on how they are managed.

#9 Why Sad People Avoid Purchasing Happy Experiences

Prof. Hao Shen, Department of Marketing

How do you convince unhappy people to book a vacation to make happy memories? The answer is not as obvious as you may think.

#10 Project Management Skills Urgently Needed in China’s Booming Hospitality Sector

Mr. Gert Noordzy, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

How can the Chinese hotels sector take advantage of a rebound in #tourism in the country post COVID-19? Read our expert insight into the need for project management skills to streamline new hotel openings.

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